Getting Creative With MuirMedia

New Website - MuirmediaWe have been working closely with MuirMedia for over a year now as our graphic design partner. Dave has created logos, business cards, banners, leaflets and more for many of our clients and his designs have translated perfectly onto the websites that we build. So when the time came to help Dave get a new website, we jumped at the challenge.

The original MuirMedia website was quite light with pink as the primary colour so with the new website we wanted it to be much bolder. We've used a perfect mix of black, white and a dark golden yellow to really make the website pop. It's colourful, it's engaging and easy on the eye. The excellent pictures speak a thousand words and the information has been laid out in an easy to read way for potential customers.

We absolutely loved working on this website and we would like to thank Dave for letting us provide him with a brand new website. You can see his new website at