Filming day for the ROCCO's

Shooting our video for the ROCCO Awards.

It's not long to go until the ROCCO Awards where we will find out if we have won the award for 'Invest in Renfrewshire'. As part of the nomination, we have to shoot a 15 second clip showcasing Xtensive and why we should win. Today, we started filming our 'And the finalists are...' video and it was certainly an experience.

We shot the video in our office and in the foyer of our managed building with Colin being rendered in CG for the final cut. We won't get to see the video until the actual night of the ROCCO's (20th November at the Normandy Hotel) and we are looking forward to seeing how it turns out. 

A big thanks to the team (including Ryan, our work experience pupil) who all played their parts very well.