Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is the optimisation of your website to give the search engines a high quality compliant website for them to Index and rank.

First and foremost a website should be user/human friendly and have quality content, but there are many SEO requirements to consider and add to a site before it will be properly ranked by Google.

A website that isn't optimised is a website that simply exists. If you want it to work for you then it needs to be properly and carefully optimised.

Google Changes

Google has a singular goal, to be the best search engine that is entirely trusted every time it is used.

To achieve this, they have introduced the much feared algorithm updates. You may have heard of Pigeon, Panda and Penguin. These updates were introduced to remove sites that use black hat (bad) techniques to try and fool Google into ranking them higher.

The most publicised of these updates was dubbed mobilegeddon in 2015, where Google started to rank websites lower where they were not mobile-friendly.

We don't use any of these black hat techniques and hence don't have to worry about these updates. In fact we tend to find gains in ranking for our sites when these algorithm updates happen, as competitors drop from the higher places.

SEO Services

As well as creating fantastically optimised websites, we also provide a retrospective service where we optimise websites that have been created by other companies. This can be a very satisfying process as the changes can be quite significant. We often find that websites created, particularly by graphic design agencies, are rarely optimised at all.

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